Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Would You Wear Hooves And Guns On Your Feet?

If this is horrible or just another piece of bizarre art is something that we cannot decide yet. Horse lovers are definitely going to get goosebumps when see these shoe creations that draws lot of attention.

They are made by German artist Iris Schieferstein who has worked with dead animals for many years, and is using their raw material for her work. Her shoe line “Gun Hoofs” is made from horse hooves and guns, hence the name. The guns or pistols are used as heels, and the hooves are hollowed-out with zippers so it’s completely possible to actually wear them. Disturbing for some, fascinating for others. What do you think? While contemplating, you can take a look at some shoes made from something much less disturbing, like paper.

Ctrl+Alt+Del Drinking Cups

his cup set is for all the people out there who have to work long hours at the o...ffice. It’s also for all you computer geeks out there. You know who you are! The ingenious set consists of 3 cups which look like over-sized versions of those Ctrl, Alt and Del tabs you should see positioned at the top and bottom of your computer keyboard, plus a tray designed to look like a circuit board. How very nerdy (yet cool).

Together, Ctrl, Alt and Del are the tabs you press when your computer is being dumb and uncooperative. So, why not combine this computer-refreshing method with the refreshments you desperately require when work has you stressed out? That makes sense, doesn’t it? The cups have black exteriors and white interiors, are made of sturdy plastic, and are dishwasher safe. The best part is that they look so much better than the regular, boring coffee cups you have to drink out of at work.

So, next time your computer decides to turn bonkers and drive you up the wall, you can just push those 3 magic tabs and give yourself a well-deserved break.

Mini-Worlds In Jars

So, you’ve seen lots and lots of incredible miniature art over the years, but I highly doubt you’ve ever seen miniature art going to this extreme! The contents of the little containers depicted above and below are so petite you need a magnifying glass to actually see what objects they are supposed to be. And prepare to be amazed once you take a magnified peek because every little jar has a tiny world of brilliance sitting inside. One world shows a couple kissing under a tree, another shows a turtle on an island, and a third shows a golf course with one itsy-bitsy golfer playing a round; maybe he’s a Lilliputian.

These jars are the incredible work of Japanese architect Akinobu. His wonderful designs are so tiny it’s unbelievable. One would imagine he uses tweezers to fit the materials inside, but how does he shape and so intricately design the palm trees and the people? That’s definitely a mystery.