Sunday, 30 October 2011

Hp Laptop

If you though spring fashion is limited to clothes and accessories alone, then the gadget world will pleasantly surprise you. The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week saw a unique collaboration between designer Marchesa and HP to come up with a limited edition laptops that sports patterns set using Swarovski crystals. Available in white and black on which these limited edition laptops feature a blinged top cover with intricate designs. HP has plans to put these under the hammer; however the charities that would benefit from the proceeds haven’t been finalized as yet.

World’s Most Stylish Table Lamps Designed Ever

Ferrari World Design Contest Finalist Samir Sadikhov’s Xezri

”The young designer from Azerbaijan attempted to reduce weight through extensive... use of carbon-fibre on both the exterior and interior. He wanted his design to be seen as, “very original, elegant, pure, modern, simple,” as well as, “dynamic” and, “lightweight, simple and striking”.Unique features abound, like the centrally-mounted F1 / jet fighter inspired cockpit with room for only the driver and twin touch-screens in place of wing mirrors and analogue buttons / switches”.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Buckingham Palace may turn into a hotel and a museum

Rumor has it that Prince of Wales is contemplating moving the Royal family from their home at Buckingham Palace. This may take place only when he will be crowned as the King. The famous landmark could be transformed into a museum, as claimed by Mr Andrew Marr in his book on the legendary family. This BBC broadcaster says the court will move to Windsor Castle to give way for a possible conversion of the palace into a historical hotel or museum. However, a speaker for the Clarence House clearly denied all statements related to this possible shift. The book ‘The Diamond Queen: Elizabeth II and Her People’ makes other big claims including the Queen’s wish to abdicate her throne for her son. Sources have not confirmed such a transformational move. Guess only time will tell what the Prince has planned for the days to follow

ATM machine will dispense gold coins

Now in India - World's first ATM machine will dispense gold coins, bars and diamond jewelery: After making waves in USA and Gulf countries, it time to get gold dispensing machine to India as well. And this time the move is spearheaded by Gitanjali Group. The Indian jewelry brand launched a Gold and Diamond ATM machine, first of its kind in India as well as world, that lets people buy medallions, c...oins, jewelry as per their convenience. Inaugurated in Mumbai, the ATM gives buyers as many as 36 different sizes, price points and design options to pick from gold and silver bars coins, pendants with religious motifs; and diamond studded jewelry too. The jewelry available will be priced across Rs 1,000 ($20) to Rs 30,000 ($600). The innitative will be a part of Gitanjali’s ‘Go for Gold’ umbrella branding that aims and making gold purchases easy and desirable

Mercedes BLS 2014