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15 Most Expensive Mobile Phones In The World 2011

15. Ulysse Nardin’s The Chairman – up to $49,500

The Chairman by Ulysse Nardin is the world’s most costly Android smartphone, and includes each a touch screen as well as a bodily quantity pad. The Ulysse Nardin name is most often linked to luxury watches and that reality shows inside the Chairman’s advanced layout. The quantity controls look like watch buttons as well as the crown between them can in fact be wound to create electrical power for your device. Actually, the cellphone features a kinetic rotor electrical power technique visible by way of the back plate.

14. Motorola V220 Special Edition- $51,800

Austrian designer Peter Aloisson has taken a standard Motorola, studded it with one,200 diamonds and added a keyboard inlaid with eighteen carat gold. The end result is actually a £28,000 handset, suitable only for footballers and film stars!

13. Vertu Diamond- $88,000

The Diamond is Vertu’s top quality range of high-end cellular phones. As the identify suggests the handsets in the Diamond variety are diamond-encrusted handsets made from platinum. Only 200 from the handsets are being produced, one of the most pricey considered to become really worth an believed £50,000.

12. Nokia 8800 Arte with pink diamonds $134,000
 Designed by Peter Aloisson, this strong 18k white gold mobile phone capabilities more than 680 pink and white amazing reduce diamonds totaling about 21.five carats. Some of the phone’s functions are a 3.fifteen MP camera with autofocus and video clip, a new music player, Bluetooth and voice memo.

11. Nokia Supreme – $160,226
Limited to just 3-units globally, the $160,226 Nokia Supreme at present reigns since the world’s most expensive Nokia mobile phone. It can be “encrusted with twelve.5 cts of pink diamonds and a spectacular circa of about 1225 individually set sparkling gems, all of which contain a 3ct single minimize flawless center diamond.” Keep on studying for one particular much more picture.
The TW in diamonds
is a massive fifteen.5ct. Strong hallmarked platinum handmade veneers in which manufactured with 8 platinum screws also since the diamond mount for that
navigation buttons all weighing an immense 83 grams of platinum.

10. Peter Aloisson’s iPhone Princess Plus $176,400

The Princess As well as acquired its identify from the Princess lower utilised on 138 from the 318 diamonds on its surface. The other 180 diamonds on the telephone have been brilliant-cut. In complete, the phone has 17.75 carats of diamonds set in 18k white gold about its rim. The iPhone Princess As well as is worth $176,four hundred even though the somewhat more pedestrian “Brilliants only” edition bought for $66,one hundred fifty.

9. Diamond Encrusted BlackBerry Curve 8900 – $240,000
Amosu’s business, Alexander Amosu Ltd., is well-known for its stunning operate on different high-end devices and gizmos, as well as other exorbitantly priced items, much like the designer’s $112,000 “world’s most-expensive fit.”
The machine can be a minimal edition; Amosu plans to promote only 3, one particular of which has already been purchased by a mysterious “client from the Center East.” If you’ve got a spare 240 Gs lying about, electrical power for you. This new Amosu Curve 8900 could have your name throughout it. For that rest of us, a minimum of it can be fun to gawk at. Incorporated within the price tag is device personalization with your name or business logo, also as 24 hour international concierge services centered on “accessing the inaccessible,” whatever meaning.

8. Sony Ericsson Black Diamond – $300,000

The price of this mobile phone comes from real state with the artwork engineering instead of your bunch of shiny rocks-but that does not indicate it lacks visual appeal. OLED technologies beneath the polycarbonate pores and skin that covers the phones entire confront presents the 4 megapixel screen a borderless look. The mirror complete offers the mobile phone a sleek, futuristic glimpse.
I can not confirm that this new Curve 8900 is the truth is probably the most expensive BlackBerry on earth, nevertheless it fees £150,000 (US$240,000). And it sure does search pricey. Previously this year, I compiled a assortment of the most gaudy, shiny, and of course, expensive, BlackBerrys accessible, and this new Amosu creation would’ve match appropriate it.

7. Vertu Signature Cobra – $310,000

This gaudy phone is so exclusive that only eight will ever be made. Designed by French jeweler Boucheron, the Signature Cobra is made with two diamonds, two emeralds and 439 rubies. For buyers who are only filthy rich, rather than obscenely rich, twenty-six of the less flashy (read: no rubies) Signature Python phones will be available for a mere $115,000. Both phones will feature the real draw—they have frikkin’ snakes on them. Awesome.

 6. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot – $1 Million

This ultra-exclusive telephone, constrained to only three units, actually lives up to its title. Not merely could it be extraordinarily pricey, but its Egypt-inspired design and style will appear appropriate in your own home in the fingers of a Vegas high-roller. The phone attributes 45.five carats of black diamonds decorating the bezel plus a again panel produced from 200-year-old African blackwood-the most costly wood in the entire world. As if that weren’t plenty of to guarantee the Jackpot a location among the world’s most costly cellular phones, each crucial is minimize from a hand-polished sapphire crystal. All of these magnificent supplies are set inside a 180-gram stable gold body.

5. The Diamond Crypto Smartphone – $1.3 Million

4. The Gold Lavish Le Million – $1.45 Million Dollars

Guinness World Documents licensed GoldVish SA’s ‘Le Million’ Piece Special on January 29th, 2008. The Geneva-based high end communications company’s costly mobile cellphone was developed by Emmanuel Gueit as an addition to your Illusion Assortment. The cellphone is manufactured of 18k white gold and set with 20 carats of VVS1 (only microscopically flawed) diamonds. The mobile phone also features Bluetooth, two GB of storage, FM radio, a digital digital camera and MP3 playback. This pricey cellular phone is accessible only by special order.

3. Peter Aloisson’s Kings Button Iphone – $2.4 Million

2. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS supreme – $3.2 Million
Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker Worldwide is recognized for offering high end gadgets for example phones and video clip game consoles the “Supreme” treatment-covering them with gold and diamonds-and the iPhone is no exception. The iPhone 3GS Supreme features a casing made from 271 grams of strong 22k gold and a display trimmed with fifty-three 1-carat diamonds. The residence button is coated using a single rare 7.1-carat diamond. That’s not all, though-the iPhone 3GS Supreme is available in a chest carved from just one block of granite and sports activities Kashmir gold and an interior lining manufactured with Nubuck best grain leather.

1. Stuard Hughes Iphone 4 Diamond Rose Edition – $8 Million

In the event you thought his iPhone 3GS Supreme was extraordinary, examine out the newest iPhone from Stuart Hughes-the iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition. Hughes has recreated the infamous antenna band that wraps across the sides of the most up-to-date iPhone, as well as the backplate, using rose gold. The band is adorned with 100 carats of flawless diamonds, along with the Apple logo is formed with fifty-three much more diamonds. The moment yet again, the property button will get one of the most love-it’s made of platinum and features a scarce 7.4-carat pink diamond.In case you imagined his iPhone 3GS Supreme was remarkable, examine out probably the most latest iPhone from Stuart Hughes-the iPhone four Diamond Rose Edition. Hughes has recreated the notorious antenna band that wraps round the sides together with the most current iPhone, also since the backplate, employing rose gold. The band is adorned which has a hundred carats of flawless diamonds, as well because the Apple logo is shaped with fifty-three more diamonds. The minute yet again, the property button will get possibly essentially the most love-it’s created from platinum and includes a uncommon seven .4-carat pink diamond.
The cellphone arrives in an imperial pink 7-kilogram chest cut from just one block of granite and lined with nubuck top-grain leather. It also includes an 8-carat flawless diamond that may be used in location with the pink 1
The mobile mobile phone arrives in an imperial pink 7-kilogram chest diminished from just one block of granite and lined with nubuck top-grain leather. Furthermore, it arrives with an 8-carat flawless diamond that will be employed in place inside the pink one.
The Kings Button iPhone is, surprisingly, a jewel-bedecked iPhone. This time, nonetheless, Aloisson had the iPhone 3G to play with-and, apparently, a little of the larger budget. One hundred and thirty-eight brilliant-cut diamonds line the sides with the phone, however the real prize will be the property button-a scarce six.six carat white diamond.

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