Monday, 3 October 2011

Top Most Expensive iPads Ever Made AMAZING

No one can compete Apple in the market of tablet technology although a number of brands are wondering in the market especially the samsung galaxy tablet,but still behind Apple.There are a number of people who are too crazy about blinged gadgets either they are studded with diamonds or platted with gold.Here is a list of the world’s most expensive iPads that are made for the elite class we just dream of them,lets have a close look.

                            1. Camael Diamonds’s iPad
                                              Price: $150,000

                                      2. Mervis Diamond Importers’s iPad
                                       Price: $19,999

                                                            3. Crystograph’s iPad2
                                            Price: $10,000

                                                4. Gold & Co.’s Apple iPad 2
                                             Price: $5,500

                                                      5. Goldgenie’s iPad 2
                                           Price: $ 2,705

                                           6. Vavagold’s Platinum iPad
                                        Price: $ 2382.75

                                     7. Gresso’s Gold iPad
                                            Price $ 1,800

                                                     8. Crystalroc’s apple ipad
                                        Price not available

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