Saturday, 24 December 2011

A daring Painter in Cage With a Lioness - Ukraine

An animal painter Alexander Pylyschenko who owns a small private zoo in Ukraine set his mind to stay inside the cage with a pregnant lioness Katya for 5 weeks and even help her deliver the cub. Alexander came to know about the record set by an American zoologist and insists on beating the record. Money he can get will be spent on food for his animals. The cage has a shower and WC. Alexander is going to sleep on a straw carpet and eat as often as the animals in the cage do. The cage is also equipped with 3 cameras broadcasting the events happening inside to a special site that was created for the project. His wife is worried for her husband. According to her words, Katya has been with this family for 9 years and loves Alexander a lot. But the thing is that she is s predator and it’s not possible to predict her behavior. Alexander has no place to hide and the entire project is based on trust. During the month that will be spent in the cage Alexander will paint pictures and talk to his friends who promised to come every day

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