Saturday, 24 December 2011

Valley Of Geysers At The End Of The World - Kamchatka Peninsula

Today we’ll make a journey into the Valley of Geysers located on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Sharing their impressions of traveling to the magic place people can’t help describing the amount and quality of caviar offered there. There are two ways of reaching the valley. One is for those who are willing to save money, don’t mind spending 5 days on walking through the local jungles and are not afraid of bears behind the bushes. And another way is chosen by those who want to be safe in spite of the fact that flight by a helicopter is much mire expensive. The Karymski Volcano is the most active volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula. The 20th century was marked by 23 eruptions. Due to that the lake located 6 km away from the volcano turned from a fresh water reservoir into the biggest natural basin filled with acidic water. Uzon Volcano is located in eastern Kamchatka. The volcano contains the largest geothermal area in Kamchatka. Uzon and Geyzernaya calderas contain boiling springs, gas-steam jets, mudpots, small mud volcanoes, hot and cold lakes.The Valley of Geyzers is a canyon which is 4 km wide, 400 m deep and 8 km long. Over 40 geysers can be found here.

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